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 Kingdom of Dawnwing - City/Squirrel Elves

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Kingdom of Dawnwing - City/Squirrel Elves Empty
PostSubject: Kingdom of Dawnwing - City/Squirrel Elves   Kingdom of Dawnwing - City/Squirrel Elves EmptyThu Aug 07, 2014 10:39 pm

The Humans of Dawnwing have mastered the ability to tame and ride the indigenous birds of prey that inhabit the Razor Rock mountains, riding the Griffons, Roc's and Hippogriffs in battle against its neighbours.
They see their ability to ride the many beasts of the mountains as signs of their superiority to other races and other humans that weren't born in the eclipsing shadow of the Razor Mountains.
The Kingdom is ruled by both a Monarchy and Parliamentary system.

Expressing their superiority the Kingdom traded for slaves from the Halflings who plucked Savage Elves from the Jungles which resulted in the resettlement of entire tribes into the labour force of the kingdom, which after the years and generations has stripped the Elven population of any tribal identity, most slaves live and die not knowing of about their individual tribal origins. Few slaves escape into the forests and join up with the Elven resistance, colloquially dubbed Squirrels because the actual name is unpronounceable by humans.
The Squirrel Elves inhabit the forests on the fringe borders of the kingdom, enacting guerrilla warfare on any non-elven force that enters the forests, barely surviving through the winter as they search for a more suitable places to live (some even attempt to return to the Jungle). The Squirrel Elves patch together their equipment, weapons and armour from what they can steal or loot from the Kingdom whilst trying to remove any of the Eagle, Hawk, Griffon or Falcon iconography that the Kingdom uses on its armour and weapons.

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Kingdom of Dawnwing - City/Squirrel Elves
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