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 Twin Sisters

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TheRonin wrote:
Name: The Twin Sisters: True names are unknown to mortals. For to know their names it is said is to have control over their domains.

Titles: Fate, Time (Respectively)

Portfolio: Destiny, Divination and Change. (collectively)

Typical Worshipers, Diviners, Madmen and Prophets.

Typical Worshiper Alignment; True Neutral, though any is possible.

Favored Weapon: Scissor Dagger

Holy Symbol: A Dragon Ouroboros and or Hourglass

Favored Animal:Outer Dragons

Legend: The Sisters are mysterious. not much is known about them. They are known to be powerful however. Though not part of the 12 some say they predate them. Madmen whisper in the dark that they are not part of the 12 only because they do not wish it.

All that is known is there was once a conflict, Some-say it was the war of the gods, others say it was during the creation of the world, others still claim it was the summoning of Donar and Desir, and a few claim it was the banishing of the Elemental Tyrants. No body is really sure, but there WAS once a conflict.  The sister known as Fate believed things could not be changed, and the sister known as time believe they could be. With enough knowledge, enough forewarning, enough manipulation things could be changed.

Nobody knows who won that argument, but the sister's have been at odds ever since. Though at odds they are still worshiped as a duo. Their conflicting ideas balancing into a strange sort of neutral as they guide their prophets, clerics and heroes along their way.

Church: Small temples exist to the sister's on the Western Continent. Beyond that their worship exists all over but it is unorganized. Sometimes shrines to them are placed in other churches as gods of strategy give them homage for their knowledge, gods of harvest for their timing, gods of love for their control of fate. But otherwise worship is unorganized.

Spell Preparation Rituals. There are no known rituals, but divinations are often cast immediately after preparation to aid one through out the day.

The Greatest heresy in the worship of the twin sister's is the belief in a third sister known only as Change. Yet the older and wiser the follower of the sister's the more likely they seem to fall to this Heresy.

Religious Traits:

Follow their Way:

You may use a masterwork scissor dagger as the focus for divination spells whose Focus or Material component is worth a thousand gp or less. When doing so your CL is +1.


Early Warning
Prerequisite: Worship of the Twin Sisters
Your worship of the sister's give you early warning of danger.

When flat footed you may add up to half of your Dexterity modifier (minimum 1) to your flat footed AC.

Sisters Know
Prerequisite: Worship of the Twin Sisters
The Sister's watch over you

You gain a +1 insight bonus to AC, This bonus is doubled during any surprise round.
Gain a +1
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Twin Sisters
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