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 Ruins of Telteth

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Ruins of Telteth Empty
PostSubject: Ruins of Telteth   Ruins of Telteth EmptyMon Jul 07, 2014 6:06 pm

the ancient city of Telteth is a 2500 year old Rash'el Colony. Situated outside of the sacred jungle of Timor'a not far from modern Oldton. The colony sits in ruins now, but its most famously remembered for a nursery rhyme told to children.

The Story:

Being to far away from the elves the town was instead plagued by skinchangers, these creatures would occasionally raid the town or sneak in at night and steal supplies. With help from Rash'el to far away they struck a bargain with a mysterious traveler. He promised them he could get rid of the skinchangers, the only cost would be the town's entire supply of gold and grain. The towns folk were desperate and agreed. Though they never intended to keep their bargain.

The man was true to his word that night he snuck into the skinwalker village and lured the skinwalkers out of their village with some foul magics, in a daze they wandered out and were cut down by the villagers.

The villagers then turned on the man, saying they never intended to pay him and they did not have that much. They mocked his trust in them. The Man told them they would pay one way or another, but the villagers did not listen, instead one stabbed at him with a sword, the moment skin touched steel the man vanished in a puff of smoke.

The next night the man reappeared in the village. Working his magicks the children of the village awoke and followed him out of the village. Every single one of them. They were never heard from again.

While most believed this to be just a myth the oldest records found from the old colony begin by describing the date, "35 years after our children left...."

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Ruins of Telteth
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