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 Erebos the Venom Tongue - minor god

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Erebos the Venom Tongue - minor god Empty
PostSubject: Erebos the Venom Tongue - minor god   Erebos the Venom Tongue - minor god EmptyThu Jul 10, 2014 1:10 pm

NAME: Erebos
TITLES: The Venom Tongue, master of poison, father of snakes
PORTFOLIO: Murder, Poison, Venomous Creatures and Lies
TYPICAL WORSHIPERS:Murders, Poisoners, Assassins, some savage elves.
Symbol Curled Viper, or a dagger (depending on culture)


Erebos is said to of obtained godhood when he poisoned death itself. Most church's regard this as just a story, and many theologians believe he is actually the off spring of two other deities. Though which two nobody seems to agree on.

CHURCH: There is no official or formal church for Erebos, his worship is largely taboo or outlawed in many civilized parts of the world. The Viper Tribe of Savage Elves keep a small hierarchy in their own worship, but this is by no means universal.

SPELL PREPARATION RITUALS: spells are prepared while singing and chanting prayers to Erebos while preparing poisons, toxins or handling venomous creatures. Especially Vipers.

Original Description,
"one of the Younger Gods, Erebos the Venom Tongue is the god of murders, poisoners and liars. he is disliked by most of the gods both young and old for he is deceptive. he breeds mistrust and strife among the gods and waits with hidden blades for the perfect opportunity to strike.

though he is the god of all murder he prefers a more calculated, methodical kill to a brutal stabbing in an alleyway. it is said he rewards subtle and elegant murders performed in his name."
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Erebos the Venom Tongue - minor god
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