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 Spire Folk

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PostSubject: Spire Folk    Spire Folk  EmptyThu Jul 03, 2014 10:10 pm

-This is my first attempt at anything like this so this is just a very basic idea that if it seems okay I will be happy to flesh out more- Box Captain

These are a humanoid people who are naturally above average in strength and can identify each other and a bit of someone’s emotional state by a sense similar to smell. Their skin colour varies from Black, Burgundy, Burnt Clay (best descriptor), Reddish (think Native American), Brown. All babies are born with milky white skin as pigment takes a year or two to develop.

Cities are and forts all center around towering stone towers that look like sand stone. As they are a people of strength they take great pride in their mostly defense based military. While naturally strong they are unfamiliar with magic. Their military is mostly made up of armored close compact farmers or long range archers.

1) At the head of the society is the Queen: She has a hand full of advisers and administrators that each focus on a specific aspect of life. Queen is not a god like figure but is viewed with a decent amount of reverence. Queens are always onyx black
A) The position is passed down to one of the queens female children. There is no king. Each queen has a harem of selected suitors. Each suitor is chosen by the Administrator of Procreation. Suitors can either people applicants, referrals or people chose by the Queen herself. In the last of the options the person in particular has to consent as he Queen. Does not have unbridled authority over the lives of her subjects.
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Spire Folk
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