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 Donar - God of Thunder and Righteousness

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Donar - God of Thunder and Righteousness  Empty
PostSubject: Donar - God of Thunder and Righteousness    Donar - God of Thunder and Righteousness  EmptySun Jun 15, 2014 10:07 pm

NAME: Donar

TITLES: The Thunderer, Hammer of the Storms, Lord of Storms

PORTFOLIO: Storms, Fertility and Righteousness.

TYPICAL WORSHIPERS: Farmers, Paladins, Patriarchs and Crusaders.




LEGEND: Donar and his Sister-wife Desir are of obscure origin. But appeared sometime before the war of the gods.

For a lawful god Donar is rash and impulsive, however when he sets out to battle he does so with righteousness in his heart. Most legends tell of Donar's chasing and smiting of monsters and great beasts.

In the early days of the world the Elemental Lords, demi gods representing the elements broke out of their confinement deep in the earth. It was Donar who chased them from continent to continent defeating them one by one and driving them back into their prison created by Bran the Earth Father.

Another more bawdy Legend states it was Donar and his Sister-Wife Desir who taught the first man and woman how to copulate. Though the official Church of Donar denies this.

Despite Bawdy Tavern tales related to Donar, the church itself is rather official and solem. It performs charity work with a focus on taking care of orphans. It raises many Paladins into its service, many from the very same orphans it raises. Clerics and other holy champions are common. The church is well organized, with different branches in different parts of the world meeting up once every five years to discuss overall theology and the direction of the church. This tends to leave to slightly regional flavor that is prevented from getting to far from the core teaching of the church.

The most prominent branch of this are the Brothers and Sisters of Thunder. A prestigious Paladin Order known for their command of Thunder and Lightning.


Praying Outdoors, or in front of a mighty Oak tree for at least an hour is usually all thats requires. Though exact rituals vary from region to region.


Thunderer - Spells with the [Electricity] descriptor gain a +1 train bonus to their DC
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Donar - God of Thunder and Righteousness
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