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 Timor'a of the Wilds

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PostSubject: Timor'a of the Wilds   Timor'a of the Wilds EmptyWed Apr 30, 2014 2:14 pm

Timor'a of the Wilds Elf18_zps654d216e

NAME: Timor'a of the Wilds
TITLES: The Wild One, The Hunter
PORTFOLIO: Wild Areas of the World, Beasts, Plants, The Hunt
TYPICAL WORSHIPERS: Savage Elves, Hunters, Primitive Tribes, Conversationalists

Timor'a is the twin sister of Lindrell the strategist. She had dominion over the wild areas and beasts and plants of the world. However Timor'a's story is tightly interwoven with the story of her Sister in Law Andraste.

In what mortals would perceive as childhood Timor'a would run and play in the wild areas of the world. One day while her brother was off making at battle she encountered a charming woman. An artist and songstress. This woman came into the wild areas for inspiration. The two quickly became friends and shared an unique love. Eventually Timor'a would introduce Andraste to her brother, Lindrell, whose knowledge of strategy came largely from studying the wilds.

Andraste and Lindrell would fall in love... much to Timor'a's displeasure and annoyance. However for sake of family Timor'a treated Andraste as a sister. And during the war of the gods she took up arms with her family and fought along side them. However when Lindrell fell her only true connection to Andraste was severed.

A rift formed between the two during the war as old pasions and desires came back to light. Timor'a always felt betrayed by the love between her friend and her brother but suppressed it for most of creation until the war.

The rift was widened at the climax of the war when Andraste, having ascended to full godhood; moved, in complete her sacred mountain and its mountian top city of Rash'el (then meaning city of a thousand artist) from the path of the weaponized World Engine to the other side of the planet. She left the mountain and its city directly in the middle of the sacred jungle Timor'a and Lindrell once shared.

Andraste viewed this as her right as Lindrell's Wife and Heir. Timor'a disagreed, but let it be. She would not personally bring it up with Andraste, but she Instructed her priests and priestesses to never let Andraste's people feel at home in her jungle. It is not known if the two goddesses have spoken to each other since.

CHURCH: She has clerics and druids in her worship, her druids are never lawful. her church is isolated and largely unorganized, or organized on a tribal level.

SPELL PREPARATION RITUALS: Spells must be prepared in a wild area (or park or other enclave of nature) if possible. Most magic can be bargained from the Wild One with a sacrifice of a hunted animal. The most powerful spells (Miracles and the like) an powerful divination (anything that directly contacts Timor'a) can only come in the moments following  honest copulation in a wild area among the animals and plants.

Two Myths

One Elven Legend states that Timor'a learned the art of the hunt from Fenrir lord of all Wolves. And from his packs her brother Lindrell learned strategy. After perfecting the hunt Timor'a first game was Fenrir himself. To this day it is said she wears his magical hide which grants her control of all wolves and the ability to smell out game like the wolves.

According to scriptures of the Earth Father. She has largely isolated herself from the community of deities, save the Earth Father himself. With whom she still has good relations with. For she spends her time Seeding his earth works with plants and animals to further enhance his land.
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Timor'a of the Wilds
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