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 Dor'gath of the Desert Sands

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PostSubject: Dor'gath of the Desert Sands   Sat Apr 26, 2014 8:57 pm

A mythic level Ancient Blue Wrym (In pathfinder)

Dor'gath of the Desert Sands, claims the entire desert penisula south of Mal'Mar and the Hofling Eastern Trading Company as his domain. He has armies of snakemen and other desert dwellers at his command. He is beyond old.

On the outside he seems to care little for the petty politics of the lesser races, he is secretly an excellent chess master who has a claw in nearly every conflict with in 1500 miles.

Dor'Gath's motivations are in own. But it is said he enjoys taking humanoid form when not leading his minions. What for exactly is not known. But Half-Blue Dragons are not uncommon in the region.
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Dor'gath of the Desert Sands
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