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 The Trade Nation of Hoflan

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The Trade Nation of Hoflan Empty
PostSubject: The Trade Nation of Hoflan   The Trade Nation of Hoflan EmptyMon Apr 14, 2014 5:49 am

Hoflan is the ancestral home to the small race of humanoids known by the other races as Halflings. It is a land of rolling hills, rivers, and marshlands. Located on the southern coast of the large north western continent Hoflan is a major trade center.

Lacking the martial strength of the larger races, Hoflans have turned to other methods of maintaining their relevance and keeping enemies at bay. Having a knack for social situations, access to many river-ways, and a seacoast has lead the Hoflan nation towards a mercantile society. Hoflan barges, wagon trains, and cargo ships travel the world carrying brave traders in search of profit. Anywhere there is silver to be made there will be Hoflans nearby. They also are known for the entertainers troupes that travel the world singing songs and tell tales.

This vast trade empire has given rise to a secondary market, not one of trade goods and other products, but of information. Many of the merchants and entertainers double as members of the Hoflan intelligence service (not that such an organization exists of course) bringing back rumors and secrets. This is a bit of a public secret but due to their economic influences any nation denying Hoflans access to their borders would severely cripple their own economy. Not all Hoflan merchants are agents for the intelligence service and some resent the looks of suspicion they get when they enter a city.
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The Trade Nation of Hoflan
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