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 Dwarves if Rash'el (Undermount Clan)

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Dwarves if Rash'el (Undermount Clan)  Empty
PostSubject: Dwarves if Rash'el (Undermount Clan)    Dwarves if Rash'el (Undermount Clan)  EmptyThu Mar 06, 2014 12:43 pm

Rough Beta version

six to seven hundred years ago an extended family of dwarves their ancestral home elsewhere on the continent, fleeing the doom that was brought to their previously glorious kingdom. Their myths tell of a glorious paradise a lone mountain marked by the twin moons that one day they will inhabit. Desperate and with out a home and with nothing left to lose they wandered, following the setting moons.

Desperate and with out a home they wandered into the deadly jungles. There they spotted the mountain, the moons seemingly setting upon it that nigh. The mountain was, hundreds of miles away, capped in white and visibly illuminated like a beacon of hope.

The extended family numbered around 300 when they entered the jungle. The jungle took 3 score of them in the first week, But that was known as the easy time, for next the vicious elves sat upon the sick and weary dwarves.

By the time Rash'el Rangers found the Dwarven party they numbered only 17. With a scant 3 females among them.

The dwarves were taken in by the humans of the mountain as there had not been any outsiders in the kingdom in hundreds of years. There the very different cultures greeted each other. The Matriarchy of Rash'el found their male centric life styles fascinating, but very different.

Eventually a deal was struck, The Dwarves would have full autonomy and would be welcome to the mountain's riches, as long as their mining did not disturb the natural volcanic hot springs that fed the city.

The Dwarves soon formed a new society, though they breed slowly their population has been climbing back. They formed a small city under ground where they trade minerals, metals and weapons with the humans in exchange for food and furs.

Relations between the groups has maintained good. Even as the Dwarven numbers have been slowly rebounding. Some Dwarves even move to the surface and join the rangers, as their clan, now named UnderMount, has never forgiven the elves for the slaughter generations ago.

The Dwarves are not considered citizens of the kingdom of Rash'el but are given free reign to come and go as they please with in it.

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Dwarves if Rash'el (Undermount Clan)
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