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 Andraste the Song of War

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Andraste the Song of War Andraste_zpsfbfce554
NAME: Andraste                                    
TITLES: The Song of War, The Mournful Warrior
PORTFOLIO: Strategy, Warfare, Retribution                        
TYPICAL WORSHIPERS: Soldiers, Generals, Bards

LEGEND: Once the goddess of art and music, Andraste was one of the many Lesser Gods. She was wife to Lindrell the Strategist, one of the two gods of war. Lindrell was struck down in the War of the Gods by his opposite and greatest enemy Korgin the Ravager, the other god of war.

As Lindrell lay dying on the battlefield Andraste came to his side. With tears streaming down her face the gentle goddess took up her husband's spear, abandoned her claim to the arts, and assumed Lindrell's powers as a god of war. Now one of the Greater Gods, Andraste was named the Song of War and swore revenge on Korgin and his followers. No longer does she play joyful tunes on her harp or flute, she is now accompanied by the ominous sounds of the war drums.

The church of Andraste is very militaristic. Her priest are trained well in the arts of war so they may do battle with the forces of Korgin. However they are also merciful. Accepting an enemy's surrender, when it is prudent, as well as helping the families of fallen soldiers are considered the duties of all of her priests.

There is a branch of her church known as the Clarion Order who are dispatched to defend small towns and villages from attacks when necessary. They are often seen riding forth from their chapter houses, clad in the crimson and white tabards of Andraste to defend the meek and bring justice to the wicked.
SPELL PREPARATION RITUALS: It is the custom of Andraste's priests to accompany their prayers with some form of music, whether through singing, playing of an instrument, or even the banging of their shields with a weapon.
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Andraste the Song of War
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