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 The Children of Erebos

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The Children of Erebos Empty
PostSubject: The Children of Erebos   The Children of Erebos EmptyFri Dec 13, 2013 2:47 am

There are many assassins guilds, one could be found in almost any city in the world, but none are as feared or respected as the Children of Erebos. More of a religious cult than an actual guild, the Children of Erebos revere the god of murder. Viewing murder as an art form and the best way to serve their master, they seek to perfect their craft. Each knife thrust, each drop of poison, each strangulation is a prayer to Erebos and his Children are most devout in their prayers. They demand and receive the highest prices for their services, not for love of wealth, but to ensure their services are not taken for granted.

It is said that they are based somewhere in the deep deserts of the southern continent but the actual location is a mystery. The Children of Erebos like their privacy and deal harshly with trespassers, if any have ever found their home they did not live to tell the tale.

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The Children of Erebos
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