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 Republic of the Burning Oak

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Republic of the Burning Oak Empty
PostSubject: Republic of the Burning Oak   Republic of the Burning Oak EmptyWed Dec 11, 2013 9:04 am

Founded by Malphias Legate on his death bed, it is a Republic ruled by the religious heads of the different Aspects of Zionism.
"Militant at Arms" is at the head of the Army and is the Republics de facto ruler as he is advised by the head of the Burned Men who works as both spymaster and military advisor, the Forge Master who is the head of the "Builders" a construction and police force designed to show the day to day usefulness of Zionism to its people, symbolised by the Hammers they carry, and the head of the Library and Finances gained through trade with the neighbouring friendly tribes Malphias had previously assisted.

Capitol City of Old Oak which has been turned into a trading hub for the nearby Tribals who trade with other merchants. The lands of the Republic have a extremely zealous population but are not xenophobic and are open to other religions as long as they are seen as Righteous and good.
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Republic of the Burning Oak
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