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 Ancient a'Ner

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PostSubject: Ancient a'Ner   Ancient a'Ner EmptyTue Dec 10, 2013 10:42 pm

a'Ner or just Ner is an ancient city state and empire that stretched over the entire southern continent, the northern islands and the continent to the north ( could be any continent at this point) ran out of Ner (Which means 'The City' in their tongue) it ruled with an iron fist using its powerful legions of soldiers and its mighty sorcerer nobles, born into magic and wealth.

Eventually the class of nobles were put the death and overthrown, Ner itself is said to of fallen into ruin before being taken by the sea in a massive tsunami well over a thousand years ago.

Ancient Nerian ruins can be found thousands of miles to the north to this day.
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Ancient a'Ner
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