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 Space and Star Deities.

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Space  and Star Deities. Empty
PostSubject: Space and Star Deities.   Space  and Star Deities. EmptyTue Dec 10, 2013 10:05 pm

An off shoot of Robert's moon idea. Haven't read it yet so sorry if I step on his toes.

There is a subset of maybe two or three deities each over an aspect of space/stars.
I'm thinking the first one is over strictly the regular stars, the balls of fire you see in the sky. His/her main deed would be making men,and women that piss her off fly into the sky and burst into flames, turning them into stars. i'm thinking NE for alignment.

The second would be over shooting stars,and all types of meteor ,and such, you would see in the sky. His/her main deed would be granting the wishes of a worshiper of his/hers that has done a great deed,but it is rare that anything you do will please him/her. Doesn't grant the wishes of those who serve her just for wishes. I'm thinking CG.

The next would be over black holes. His/her main deed would be just opening black holes at a thought, not caring who ,or what he/she hurts.
He/her would be more of a myth than the other two ;since he/her doesn't do much for is/her followers.

Then there would be the major one the god over space itself.
Its idea is based of the old ones. If it is awoke for even a second all of space could be rearranged .
Meaning that laws of gravity and science could be different. Plants could move, or not even exist any more.

Also there could be almost a whole pantheon of gods/goddess based off of space if you spilt everything up right.
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Space and Star Deities.
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