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 Expanding on Meritocracy

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Expanding on Meritocracy Empty
PostSubject: Expanding on Meritocracy   Expanding on Meritocracy EmptyTue Dec 10, 2013 8:41 pm

Alright. Since Josh has that idea with guilds and such and meritocracy, I'll expand it for him.

In the city, guilds operate to provide revenue and provide items and luxury to the general populace. Through their work, they essentially amass profit and monopolization of goods and output of such goods.

Merchant Guilds
These guilds profited through exchange of goods and ownership of property that good promote goods. They also have hold of most of the trade and provide shops for the common folk and for other guilds

Crafting Guilds
These guilds specialized in the production of weapons, magic items, scrolls, potions, etc. through mass means where they are sold to merchant guilds for profit.

*Note that possibility of these two type of guilds working in tandem is very high to monopolize the production of goods by getting rid of competition. Probably best to just merge these.

Adventure Guilds
These guilds specialize in branching through outside world to garner fame and fortune and find treasures that can then be sold back in the towns.
Types of specializations that can fall under these guilds.

  • Fighter Guilds
  • Magic Guilds
  • Scouting/Ranger Guilds
  • Lawful/Holy Guilds

A council of 11 would handle the affairs of the city. Representatives or more likely Guild Masters would head their position in the council.

  • 4 from Adventure Guilds
  • 3 From Merchant and Crafting
  • 3 from Smaller Guilds to voice minority
  • 1 As representative for foreign relations
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Expanding on Meritocracy Empty
PostSubject: Re: Expanding on Meritocracy   Expanding on Meritocracy EmptyTue Dec 10, 2013 8:46 pm

i had a very similar idea for the main city of my world i was making. the ruling council consisted of various heads of guilds. every ten years there would be an election to determine who would sit on the council. the only people allowed to vote would be the heads of all the guilds within the city, at this time bribes would flow like water and assassinations wouldnt be uncommon. it wouldnt be uncoomon for smaller guilds to back a single representative to displace one of the richer guilds.
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Expanding on Meritocracy
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